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Sioux Falls artist show Fridays, May 13 thru June 10

A collection of acrylic on canvas by Jennifer White, owner of the Post Pilgrim Gallery in Sioux Falls, SD. Featuring several large scale paintings at 8 feet tall, this exhibit is open over the Friday Opera lunch hour until 5 p.m. starting May 13 through June 10.

If you're unable to visit on one of the scheduled Fridays and would like to view the exhibit, contact Jamie Eberle at 702-373-4424 and a private viewing may be able to be scheduled.

O.P.E.R.A., Inc. launches 'All-In, All-School Fund Drive' aimed at enlisting new donors

If you've thought about contributing to restoration of the Ellendale Opera House but never donated, this year's fund drive hopes to enlist your financial support with a special double-match.

For each dollar donated to the All-In, All-School Fund Drive by first-time contributors, anonymous O.P.E.R.A. supporters will match that amount with $2, up to a total of $10,000.

In other words, if $10,000 is contributed by first-time donors, O.P.E.R.A. will receive a total of $30,000 toward this year's fund drive.

Coming to Opera House May 15

'Thank You' Opera House donors



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O.P.E.R.A., Inc. is an equal opportunity provider.