Meet the authors at book fair Oct. 22

A dozen authors will attend the Ellendale Book Fair, Sunday, October 22 at the Historic Ellendale Opera House. The event will be from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Come visit a favorite author, and hear each speak about their books and writing.

Their books will be available for sale, and you'll be able to chat with them and have them sign their books. If you've already purchased one of their books, bring them along and get them signed.

If the event is successful, we hope to make it a yearly event.

The book fair is sponsored by the Historic Ellendale Opera House and the North Dakota Humanities Council, and is free and open to the public.

Bring a friend. It will be a fun afternoon.

Among the interesting authors are Alicia Underlee Nelson, who has just written and published a book on the History of Beer in North Dakota; Tony Bender, the influential local writer and columnist; Lawrence Diggs, the acclaimed columnist in the Aberdeen American New; historian Dr. Tom Isern, poet Sharon Chmielarz and many more.

Authors expected to be in attendance.

Alicia Underlee Nelson

Nelson is a freelance writer and photographer who covers craft beer, travel, art, entertainment, Midwestern history and North Dakota news for Thomson Reuters, Delta Sky magazine, AAA Living magazine, Matador Network and numerous other travel, news and lifestyle publications. She lives in West Fargo, North Dakota, with her husband and son. Her latest book is North Dakota Beer: A Heady History was published on July 17, 2017, by Arcadia Publishing and the History Press.

Rebecca Undem

Through her business, Rebecca offers speaking and consulting services, allowing her to inspire countless others with her message of transparency and heart-based leadership. The business includes a blog where Rebecca offers practical advice to inspire growth, both professionally and personally. She is excited to announce the release of her book How Mommy Got Her Groove Back™ which was released in September 2016. Rebecca truly believes the best way to show up for others is by showing up for ourselves. There is nothing like parenthood to remind us of that. Her biggest champions and a daily dose of reality are her 3 children, Andrew, Carter, and Brynlee, along with her farmer husband, Jeremiah. Rebecca and her family reside in Oakes, North Dakota.

Lawrence Diggs

Diggs has written and produced documentaries, books and given presentations on various topics around the world. He has been the recipient of numerous awards from various countries, including a Medal of Honor with gold stars from Burkina Faso, which he was given after helping design and create a national emergency medical system for the country. He also founded the International Vinegar Museum located in Roslyn.

Tony Bender

Bender grew up in Frederick, SD, a tiny community on the North Dakota/South Dakota border, with a population of 400 that provided Bender with a “Tom Sawyer” existence that surfaces in his writing as he tells the tales of the characters he grew to love. The community and his experiences there serve as a springboard for his novel, The Last Ghost Dancer. (Thomas Dunne/St. Martins 2010) Bender, who published three best-selling collections of his newspaper columns, Loons in the Kitchen, The Great and Mighty Da-Da and Prairie Beat, sold his first novel If Every Month Were June, released in 2008 by Fulcrum Publishing. Bender has also provided editorial direction to nationally syndicated radio talker Ed Schultz on his books, Killer Politics, Hyperion, Straight Talk From the Heartland, published by Harper Collins, and for Senator Byron Dorgan and his 2007 release, Take This Job and Ship It, by St. Martins Press, which spent five weeks on the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction list. He and Dorgan also collaborated on Dorgan’s book, Reckless.

Ken Smith

Smith is the President of the Ellendale Historical Society / Coleman Museum, Ellendale ND. and a native of Western Colorado. He lives in Ellendale with his wife Robin and six children. He holds an M.A. and D.A in history from the University of North Dakota. After teaching in High School and College, he is attending North Dakota State University working toward his Ph.D. in Great Plains History. His book, Visibility: Ten Miles combined his photographs with the poetry of Sharon Chmielarz.

Bill Caraher

Bill Caraher took his Ph.D. from Ohio State in 2003. He teaching History 101: Western Civilization and History 240: The Historians Craft at the University of North Dakota. His research interests include the Late Antique East, Byzantium, and Mediterranean archaeology. His newest book (2017) is co-authored with Bret Weber and called The Bakken: An Archaeology of an Industrial Landscape and is published by NDSU Press as the first volume in the Tom Isern edited Heritage Guide Series. Bill also co-authored with UND alumnus Kyle Conway (University of Ottawa) and titled The Bakken Goes Boom: Oil and the Changing Geographies of Western North Dakota and it is published by The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota in 2016.

Sharon Chmielarz

Chmielarz was born and raised in Mobridge, South Dakota She has had eight books published and has been a finalist in the National Poetry Series, nominated several times for a Pushcart Prize and featured in American Life in Poetry. Chmielarz's poems are published in several literary Review, Water~Stone, Kalliope, Ascent, Margie, The Hudson review, magazines including The Laurel Review, The Iowa Commonweal, Prairie Schooner, Salmagundi, The Seneca Review, Louisiana Literature and many others. Her latest book is little eternities Nodin Press, 2017.

Bret Weber

Bret Weber holds an MSW from the University of North Dakota, and a Ph.D. in US History from the University of Utah. He is an Associate Professor in UND’s Social Work department. He co-wrote The Bakken: An Archaeology of an Industrial Landscape with Bill Caraher. The book is published by NDSU Press as the first volume in the Tom Isern edited Heritage Guide Series. Weber was elected to the Grand Forks city council in 2012 and serves as the chair of the city’s Finance & Development committee, and as chair of the Growth Fund, which advises the Grand Forks Jobs Development Authority. Additionally, he sits on the Grand Forks Public Library board, the board for Red River Valley Community Action, as a member of the Board of Commissioners for the Grand Forks Housing Authority, he chairs the city’s Immigrant Integration Initiative Committee, and Weber co-chairs the city’s Legislative Committee.

Tom Isern

Isern, Professor of History & University Distinguished Professor, North Dakota State University. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in his specialties, which delve into the Great Plains and other temperate grasslands of the world; directs graduate work in regional and agricultural history; administers a research center and conducts research on historic preservation and heritage tourism. Isern pursues scholarly research both in North America and offshore; and keep serious service commitments to the university, the profession, and the public.

Suzzanne Kelley

Kelley is The Editor in Chief at NDSU Press. She is the first contact for authors seeking to place book manuscripts for publication with the press. She conducts the review process, communicates with authors, and generates recommendations as to publication of works. The Editor in Chief begins communications with authors following the acceptance of a work for publication and is in charge of book production and distribution.

Richard and Gwen Hoberg

The Walk Across North Dakota was written by Jeremy Bold, Tyler Bold, Gwendolyn Hoberg, Richard Hoberg, and Bruce Ringstrom. Over the course of two summers, five young friends traversed North Dakota by foot, starting at the Montana border near Beach and finishing in Fargo. Their more-than-400-mile trek is an exploration of backroads, small towns, wildlife, and terrain, a deliberately unhasty quest in search of what it means to be “from North Dakota. Two of the five travelers plan to be at our book signing. Richard Hoberg, high school English teacher, Gwendolyn Hoberg, editor, writer, musician.

Hans Reichsteiner

Dr. Hans Reichsteiner, a 65-year-old physician, is taking a 90-day leave of absence from his practice in Spooner, Wisconsin, to play football with the Trinity Lions in Ellendale this fall. When Hans was 30, he made a mark on the medical field as the youngest general surgeon in Wisconsin. Now — 35 years later — he’s fulfilling a longtime dream of making his mark on the college athletic field. At age 65, this would be a notable achievement for college athletics: Hans is four years older than the previous oldest player Alan Moore, a place kicker for Faulkner University. He has a new book coming out this fall.

Bob Wadholm

Wadholm (PhD. and ABD from University of Missouri) is Associate Professor of Information and Philosophy at Trinity Bible College & Graduate School in Ellendale. He has written six books on philosophy and biblical interpretation, including a science fiction novel dealing with themes from the fields of information, philosophy and religion.